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210kW M Sport 80kWh 5dr Auto

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3 Years

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Two Wheel Drive





/Month (inc vat)
Total Deposit: £6,904.98 (inc vat)
Contract Term: 48 Months
Miles Per Year: 5,000


/Month (+vat)
Total Deposit: £5,274.90 (exc vat)
Contract Term: 48 Months
Miles Per Year: 5,000

Quotes are based on a Customer Maintained Contract, to include a Maintenance Package, either enquire and we will call you back or call us direct. Should you go over your contracted miles Excess Mileage Charges will apply.

The BMW iX3 offers a compelling blend of electric performance and traditional BMW luxury. Its sleek design and familiar BMW styling cues are immediately recognizable, while the electric powertrain introduces a new level of efficiency and sustainability. The iX3 features a respectable electric range, making it suitable for daily commutes and even some longer journeys.

Inside, the cabin is well-crafted with premium materials and modern technology. The intuitive infotainment system provides a seamless user experience, though some might find the learning curve a bit steep. The interior space is ample, offering comfortable seating for both front and rear passengers.

On the road, the iX3 delivers a smooth and quiet ride, showcasing impressive acceleration and handling for an electric SUV. The regenerative braking system enhances overall driving dynamics and contributes to the vehicle’s efficiency. However, its driving range might fall slightly short compared to some competitors.

In terms of charging infrastructure, the iX3 benefits from BMW’s extensive network of charging stations. Still, it’s important to consider the availability of charging options in your region.

Overall, the BMW iX3 presents a noteworthy option for those seeking a luxurious electric SUV. While it excels in many aspects, potential buyers should weigh its driving range against their specific needs and charging accessibility.

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