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2.2 Multijet Primo High Roof Van 140

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When it comes to reliability, space, and efficiency in the commercial vehicle realm, the new FIAT DUCATO 35 MWB DIESEL 2.2 Multijet Primo High Roof Van 140 stands as a stalwart offering. Designed meticulously to cater to diverse business needs, this vehicle is a manifestation of versatile utility and optimal performance, perfect for your transport requirements.

**Unrivalled Performance and Efficiency:**
At the heart of the FIAT DUCATO 35 MWB Diesel 2.2 Multijet Primo High Roof Van 140 is an engine that balances power and fuel efficiency with a 2.2 Multijet Diesel, delivering a robust 140 horsepower. Experience exceptional performance paired with fuel-saving technology, ensuring efficiency without compromising power.

**Ample Space for All Your Cargo Needs:**
With a Medium Wheelbase (MWB) and a high roof design, this FIAT DUCATO variant provides generous cargo space, offering the flexibility to transport a wide array of goods effortlessly. The high roof configuration guarantees ample headroom and accommodates larger cargo, making it an ideal choice for businesses with diverse loads.

**Practical Features for Enhanced Utility:**
The Primo trim is tailored to meet essential business needs with a focus on functionality and practicality. Equipped with essential features, this van ensures a seamless and productive work environment, providing convenience and ease for day-to-day operations.

**Safety and Advanced Technology:**
The FIAT DUCATO 35 MWB Diesel 2.2 Multijet Primo High Roof Van 140 is equipped with an array of safety features ensuring secure journeys. From stability control to ABS and advanced driver assistance systems, this vehicle prioritises the safety of both driver and cargo alike.

**Customisation Options to Suit Your Business:**
The flexibility of the FIAT DUCATO extends beyond its cargo space. Offering customisation options, including shelving, partitions, and more, this van can be tailored to suit your specific business needs, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

**Lease and Finance Options for Seamless Acquisition:**
With New Vehicle Solutions, exploring unbeatable lease and finance options for the FIAT DUCATO 35 MWB Diesel 2.2 Multijet Primo High Roof Van 140 becomes hassle-free. Benefit from cost-effective solutions that cater to your financial preferences and ensure a smooth acquisition process.

**FREE Mainland UK Delivery:**
Your convenience is our priority. Experience the convenience of FREE Mainland UK Delivery on all new van purchases, ensuring your vehicle arrives at your doorstep without additional costs.

In summary, the FIAT DUCATO 35 MWB Diesel 2.2 Multijet Primo High Roof Van 140 redefines efficiency, reliability, and versatility in the commercial vehicle landscape. With its robust performance, spacious design, essential features, and safety enhancements, this van is a perfect asset for businesses aiming for efficiency and productivity in their transportation needs. Reach out to New Vehicle Solutions today and step into the world of unparalleled commercial vehicle solutions.

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