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2.0 EcoBlue 170ps H1 Van Trail Auto

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The Ford Transit Custom series epitomises reliability, adaptability, and innovation in commercial vehicles, introducing the 320 L1 Diesel AWD 2.0 EcoBlue 170ps H1 Van Trail Auto, setting new benchmarks in performance for businesses.

Powered by a robust 2.0 EcoBlue engine, this Transit Custom effortlessly manages terrains and cargo, ensuring a crucial balance of power and fuel efficiency for businesses.

AWD functionality offers enhanced traction, enabling reliable navigation through diverse terrains and adverse weather conditions.

The H1 Van Trail Auto variant merges style and practicality, ideal for businesses needing efficient space in operations.

Efficiency guarantees power and remarkable fuel economy, reducing costs and environmental impact for heightened productivity.

Cutting-edge technology boosts convenience and safety, ensuring a secure driving experience.

Interior comfort and functionality cater to long journeys without compromising cargo capacity.

Precise customisation meets diverse business needs, marking adaptability as its strong suit.

Safety features, like advanced braking and driver-assist systems, promise a secure driving experience.

New Vehicle Solutions’ flexible sales and leasing options simplify vehicle acquisition for businesses.

In summary, the Ford Transit Custom 320 L1 Diesel AWD 2.0 EcoBlue 170ps H1 Van Trail Auto embodies power, efficiency, versatility, and advanced technology—a reliable partner across industries.

Discover sales and leasing options with New Vehicle Solutions. Contact our specialist team at 01656 654321 to elevate your business operations.

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