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1.9 V-Cross Double Cab 4x4 Auto

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The Isuzu D-Max, known for its toughness and adaptability, introduces the Diesel 1.9 V-Cross Double Cab 4×4 Auto, blending performance, style, and adaptability for adventurous drivers.

A potent 1.9-liter engine powers the Isuzu D-Max Diesel 1.9 V-Cross, delivering robust performance and remarkable efficiency, ensuring towing capacity and off-road capabilities while maintaining fuel efficiency.

Advanced 4×4 capability provides unmatched traction and stability across terrains, navigating rugged landscapes and challenging weather conditions with confidence.

The V-Cross Double Cab offers space and style, transitioning effortlessly between work and recreational pursuits without compromising comfort or capability.

Efficiency complements power, reducing costs and environmental impact while maintaining performance.

Modern technology enhances convenience and safety, ensuring a connected and secure driving experience.

Its robust design ensures durability, catering to various tasks while offering versatility for work and leisure.

Safety features prioritize a secure driving experience, integrating advanced braking systems and airbags for maximum protection.

In summary, the Isuzu D-Max Diesel 1.9 V-Cross Double Cab 4×4 Auto embodies adventure, capability, and innovation—ready for various terrains and adventures without compromise.

Explore sales and leasing options with New Vehicle Solutions. Contact the team to embrace the capability and adventure of the Isuzu D-Max Diesel 1.9 V-Cross Double Cab 4×4 Auto.

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