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2.3 High Roof Business L3 H2 Van 3520 WB

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The Iveco Daily series stands for durability, innovation, and efficiency in commercial vehicles. The introduction of the 35S14 Diesel 2.3 High Roof Business L3 H2 Van 3520 WB solidifies Iveco’s commitment to power, versatility, and reliability for businesses.

The robust 2.3 Diesel engine powers the Iveco Daily 35S14 Diesel, ensuring efficient performance with 146 horsepower, ideal for navigating terrains and managing cargo efficiently.

The High Roof Business L3 H2 Van 3520 WB combines style and functionality, ideal for businesses needing space and adaptability in urban settings.

Efficiency is central, emphasising fuel economy and reduced emissions, enabling cost-effective operations with environmental responsibility.

Advanced technology integrates connectivity and safety, ensuring a secure and seamless driving experience.

Interior comfort and functionality blend in ergonomic seats and ample storage for long journeys without compromising cargo space.

Customisation options cater precisely to unique business needs, from shelving to modifications, offering adaptability.

Safety is prioritised with advanced braking, lane-keeping assist, and adaptive cruise control for a secure driving experience.

Sales and leasing options at New Vehicle Solutions provide flexibility for acquiring the Iveco Daily 35S14 Diesel.

In summary, the Iveco Daily 35S14 Diesel embodies power, efficiency, versatility, and advanced technology—a reliable partner for businesses.

Explore sales and leasing options at New Vehicle Solutions to witness how the Iveco Daily can transform your business.


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