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2.0 D20 150 Lux Extra High Roof Van

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Maxus has delivered an exceptional vehicle with the Deliver 9 LWB Diesel RWD 2.0 D20 150 Lux Extra High Roof Van. This vehicle represents Maxus’ commitment to excellence in the commercial vehicle domain.

Performance and Efficiency

The heart of the Deliver 9 lies in its formidable 2.0-liter Diesel engine, delivering an impressive performance. With rear-wheel drive and a 150 horsepower engine, this van guarantees robust power and smooth handling, whether in urban settings or for long-haul trips. Balancing power and fuel efficiency, it promises an economical journey.

Design and Versatility

The Extra High Roof design stands out, showcasing Maxus’ dedication to practicality. It offers ample cargo space and exceptional headroom, facilitating easy loading and unloading. The van’s design caters to businesses needing substantial storage and seamless access.

Efficiency at Its Core

Maxus prioritises fuel efficiency with the Deliver 9 Diesel, integrating advanced technology without compromising on performance. This emphasis on efficiency translates into reduced operational costs and a smaller environmental footprint, vital for conscientious businesses.

Cutting-Edge Technology Integration

The Deliver 9 incorporates cutting-edge technology, enhancing both driver comfort and safety. From advanced connectivity features to driver-assist systems, it ensures a secure and intuitive driving experience, maximising efficiency.

Interior Comfort and Utility

Inside the cabin, the vehicle boasts a thoughtfully crafted interior, prioritizing comfort and functionality. Ergonomically designed seats and intelligently designed storage spaces ensure that drivers and passengers can embark on long journeys without compromising comfort or practicality.

Customisation Options

Understanding diverse business needs, Maxus offers a range of customisation options for the Deliver 9 series. This allows for tailored modifications, be it specialised equipment, customised shelving, or unique configurations, catering precisely to specific business requirements.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount, particularly in commercial vehicles. The Deliver 9 Diesel incorporates a suite of safety features, including advanced braking systems, stability control, airbags, and more, ensuring a secure driving environment for both driver and cargo.

Sales and Leasing Options

At New Vehicle Solutions, we recognise the importance of finding the ideal vehicle for your business. Our sales and leasing options for the Maxus Deliver 9 LWB Diesel RWD 2.0 D20 150 Lux Extra High Roof Van offer flexibility and affordability, simplifying the acquisition of this exceptional vehicle.

In summary, the Maxus Deliver 9 LWB Diesel RWD 2.0 D20 150 Lux Extra High Roof Van embodies the key qualities that modern businesses seek in a commercial vehicle: power, efficiency, versatility, and advanced technology. Its robust design, innovative features, and customisation options make it a reliable asset across various industries.

Contact us to explore sales and leasing options for this remarkable vehicle and experience how the Maxus Deliver 9 can elevate and transform your business operations.

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