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110CDI Premium Van

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The Mercedes-Benz Citan emerges as a compact commercial van, recognised by the ‘L1’ designation indicating a short wheelbase version. Powered by a 1.5-liter Diesel engine, labeled ‘Diesel 110CDI,’ delivering a robust 110 horsepower output.

Body Type and Size: The ‘L1’ variant priorities urban driving and manoeuvrability, although specific model and trim selections may influence the overall size and payload capacity of the Citan.

Engine Performance: With a 1.5-liter Diesel engine boasting 110 horsepower, the Citan achieves a commendable balance between performance and fuel efficiency tailored to its intended usage.

Premium Trim: Elevated to the ‘Premium’ trim level, the Citan offers heightened features, superior amenities, and enhanced comfort surpassing standard trim levels. Expect advanced infotainment systems, luxurious accents, and heightened convenience features.

Cargo Capacity: Specifically designed with a short wheelbase, the Citan Van optimises efficient cargo space, ideal for transporting goods, equipment, or materials.

Interior Comfort and Features: Embracing the ‘Premium’ trim, the Citan boasts an enhanced interior, enriched with superior infotainment, elevated comfort, and opulent amenities tailored for commercial utility.

Fuel Efficiency: Leveraging the renowned fuel efficiency and robust torque characteristics of Diesel engines, the Citan stands as a fitting choice for diverse commercial applications.

Safety: Encompassing safety features, including stability control, ABS (anti-lock braking system), airbags, and potentially more advanced safety technologies contingent on the chosen trim level.

Customisation: As a commercial van, the Mercedes-Benz Citan offers extensive customisation options and configurations to precisely align with specific business requisites.”

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