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3.5t H2 Progressive Van

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Model and Configuration: Tailored for versatile commercial use, the Sprinter’s “315CDI” engine and power output ensure robust performance. The “L2” designation highlights a medium wheelbase, striking a balance between cargo space and agility, while “FWD” signifies front-wheel drive, a prevalent layout in commercial vans. Its “3.5t” GVWR showcases its gross vehicle weight rating.

Engine: Powered by a 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine incorporating CDI technology, the “315CDI” version assures potent power output, varying according to market and model year.

Progressive Trim Level: Presenting a mid-tier setup, the “Progressive” trim emphasises functionality, enriched features, and technological advancements.

Interior and Features: Within the Progressive trim, anticipate a plethora of conveniences—from air conditioning, power windows, and central locking to an intuitive infotainment system equipped with a touchscreen display, seamless smartphone integration, and more. The interior is meticulously designed to create a comfortable and efficient workspace for both passengers and the driver.

Cargo Space: The Sprinter L2’s medium wheelbase achieves a harmonious equilibrium between cargo capacity and manoeuvrability, efficiently accommodating diverse cargo types and fulfilling varied business needs.

Payload: Featuring a “3.5t” GVWR, the van ensures substantial carrying capacity, inclusive of cargo and passengers.

Transmission: Although specific transmission details aren’t provided, expect availability of both manual and automatic options.

Fuel Efficiency: Celebrated for their fuel efficiency and torque attributes, diesel engines emerge as a perfect match for diverse commercial applications.

Technology and Safety: The Progressive trim integrates cutting-edge technology like navigation, parking sensors, and potentially other driver assistance systems to augment safety features.

Customisation: Sprinter-type commercial vans offer customisation options and accessories, facilitating tailored adaptations such as interior shelving, cargo partitions, roof racks, and more.

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