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LL35dCi 145 Business Low Floor Luton Platform Cab

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Exploring the Low Floor Luton Configuration: Tailored Efficiency and Flexibility

The Low Floor Luton configuration embodies efficiency and flexibility, perfect for businesses seeking a versatile addition to their commercial vehicle fleet. Let’s delve into the defining characteristics of this solution:

Streamlined Cargo Handling with Low Floor Design

The “Low Floor” feature presents a cargo area with a reduced floor height, simplifying loading and unloading. It’s a game-changer for businesses engaged in frequent cargo operations, streamlining logistics effortlessly.

Maximising Cargo Space and Protection with Luton Body

The Luton body’s boxy shape extends over the cab, maximising cargo space while ensuring weatherproof transportation of goods. It’s designed for enhanced protection and optimal space utilisation.

Substantial Cargo Capacity for Varied Transport Needs

The Renault Master Low Floor Luton configuration offers impressive cargo capacity, accommodating various cargo types and meeting diverse transportation requirements.

Effortless Loading Mechanisms for Convenience

Equipped with rear or side doors plus low-floor easy access to the cargo area, facilitating the loading of heavier items efficiently.

Tailored Performance with Engine Options

Renault Master models offer a range of diesel engines, catering to varied power outputs and fuel efficiency levels, ensuring alignment with diverse business needs.

Driver-Centric Interior Features for Comfort and Convenience

Depending on the trim and configuration, the Renault Master Low Floor Luton may include amenities such as air conditioning, advanced infotainment, and driver-assistance tech, prioritising driver comfort and productivity.

Customisation Options for Tailored Solutions

Renault Master commercial vehicles offer customisation options, allowing businesses to incorporate shelving, partitions, and other cargo management solutions for enhanced functionality.

Ready to elevate your business fleet with the versatile Renault Master Low Floor Luton configuration? Contact New Vehicle Solutions to explore customisable options, finding the perfect solution tailored to your business needs.

Disclaimer: Specifications and features may vary. Contact us on 01656 654321 for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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