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1.2 Dualjet 83 12V Hybrid SZ-L 5dr

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3 Years

Fuel type



Two Wheel Drive





/Month (inc vat)
Total Deposit: £1,823.94 (inc vat)
Contract Term: 48 Months
Miles Per Year: 5,000


/Month (+vat)
Total Deposit: £1,519.92 (exc vat)
Contract Term: 48 Months
Miles Per Year: 5,000

Quotes are based on a Customer Maintained Contract, to include a Maintenance Package, either enquire and we will call you back or call us direct. Should you go over your contracted miles Excess Mileage Charges will apply.

The Suzuki Swift Hatch, a compact powerhouse, excels in efficiency, style, and performance, making it a favored choice among urban drivers for its practicality and agility.

Sporting a sleek and dynamic exterior, the Suzuki Swift Hatch commands attention on the road. Its aerodynamic design not only enhances visual appeal but also contributes to improved fuel efficiency, catering to eco-conscious drivers aiming to reduce their carbon footprint.

Inside, the Swift Hatch’s driver-centric interior prioritizes comfort and ergonomics, maximizing space and functionality. The modern infotainment system is intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring seamless connectivity and entertainment options for a connected and entertaining journey.

Beneath the bonnet, the Swift Hatch houses a responsive and fuel-efficient engine, offering an engaging driving experience. Its lightweight chassis and agile handling simplify city navigation and promise an enjoyable ride on winding roads.

A standout feature is the Suzuki Swift Hatch’s impressive fuel efficiency, making it an ideal companion for daily commutes and long drives. Its cost-effectiveness further adds to its appeal, saving money at the pump without compromising on performance.

In conclusion, the Suzuki Swift Hatch emerges as a well-rounded vehicle, striking the perfect balance between style, efficiency, and driving pleasure. Whether you’re a city dweller seeking nimbleness or a savvy driver prioritising cost-effectiveness, the Suzuki Swift Hatch stands as a compelling choice that exceeds expectations. Elevate your driving experience with the Suzuki Swift Hatch – where style meets efficiency seamlessly.

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*All contracts are subject to Terms, Conditions, Status. Excess Mileage and Fair Wear and Tear charges may apply. Advertised prices exclude optional extras and available vehicle maintenance contracts unless otherwise stated.

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