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1.2 Turbo 136 GS 5dr

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Vauxhall Mokka Hatchback Lease 1.2 Turbo 136 GS 5dr: Bold Design, Dynamic Performance


The Vauxhall Mokka Hatchback Lease exemplifies Vauxhall’s commitment to combining bold design with dynamic performance. In this review, we delve into its standout features, energetic engine performance, spacious interior, advanced technology, and overall appeal.

Striking Exterior Design:

The Vauxhall Mokka boasts a striking exterior design, characterized by sharp lines, bold contours, and eye-catching details. The GS trim level adds sporty accents such as larger alloy wheels, gloss black grille, and LED headlights, enhancing its visual appeal and aerodynamic efficiency. With its modern styling and aggressive stance, the Mokka commands attention on the road.

Energetic Engine Performance:

Powered by a responsive 1.2-liter Turbo petrol engine, the Mokka delivers lively performance and agile handling. The turbocharged engine provides ample power for quick acceleration and confident overtaking, making every drive a thrilling experience. With its smooth power delivery and precise steering, the Mokka offers dynamic performance that is both exhilarating and refined.

Spacious and Comfortable Interior:

Step inside the Mokka, and you’ll find a spacious and comfortable interior designed to accommodate passengers and cargo with ease. The GS trim level offers premium upholstery, supportive seating, and ample storage options, creating a refined interior environment. With its generous legroom and headroom, the Mokka ensures that all occupants can travel in comfort while enjoying a commanding view of the road.

Cutting-Edge Technology Features:

Vauxhall equips the Mokka with a range of cutting-edge technology features aimed at enhancing connectivity, convenience, and safety. The infotainment system features a user-friendly touchscreen display with smartphone integration, allowing drivers to stay connected and entertained on the go. Advanced driver assistance systems such as lane departure warning and automatic emergency braking provide added peace of mind on the road, ensuring a safe and stress-free driving experience for all.


In conclusion, the Vauxhall Mokka Hatchback Lease offers a compelling combination of bold design, dynamic performance, spacious interior, and advanced technology. Whether you’re drawn to its striking exterior, energetic engine performance, or premium interior features, the Mokka delivers on all fronts. With its agile handling, refined cabin, and cutting-edge technology, the Mokka sets a new standard for compact hatchbacks in its class.

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