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Bespoke Van Conversions

In the realm of commercial vehicles, having a customised solution that precisely fits your business needs is paramount. At New Vehicle Solutions, we specialise in creating bespoke conversions, including Luton vans, tippers, curtain side vans, temperature-controlled vans, glass carrying vans, and more, meticulously designed to meet your unique specifications.

Recognising the diverse needs across industries, we understand that off-the-shelf vehicles might not always align perfectly with your operational requirements. This is where our expertise in bespoke conversions shines. Whether you need a Luton van for streamlined logistics, a tipper for heavy-duty construction, a curtain side van for versatile cargo handling, a temperature-controlled van for perishable goods, or a specialised glass carrying van, we’re dedicated to crafting the ideal solution for you.

Our commitment to excellence drives our collaborative approach with you. We engage closely to understand your specific operational demands, ensuring that our team of experts designs and builds bespoke vehicle conversions that perfectly suit your needs. Every step of the conversion process, from conceptualisation to execution, is meticulously planned and executed to guarantee superior quality and functionality in the final product.

Luton vans are known for their spacious storage capacity, making them an optimal choice for businesses needing efficient transport solutions. Our bespoke Luton van conversions are engineered with precision to maximise load space while preserving optimal vehicle performance. Whether for furniture removal, deliveries, or cargo transportation, our Luton vans are tailored to amplify your operational efficiency.

Industries handling heavy materials or engaged in construction tasks rely heavily on the robustness of tippers. Our customised tipper conversions are crafted to manage specific payloads and rigorous industry demands. These vehicles are tailored to ensure safety, reliability, and enhanced functionality, meeting the most challenging requirements of your operations.

Versatility is a key consideration in many industries, and curtain side vans provide the flexibility needed for various cargo types. Our bespoke curtain side van conversions are designed to accommodate different cargo sizes, offering easy access for loading and unloading. These conversions are meticulously crafted to optimise your logistics processes, enhancing your operational fluidity.

Businesses dealing with perishable goods require specialised transportation solutions. Our custom-built temperature-controlled vans boast precision temperature management systems, ensuring the safe and regulated transportation of sensitive cargo. From food items to pharmaceuticals, these conversions maintain the required temperature throughout transit, preserving the integrity of your products.

Specialised industries, such as glass handling, demand vehicles tailored to their unique cargo needs. Our bespoke glass carrying van conversions are designed with precision to safely transport delicate glass materials. These conversions ensure secure and specialised storage, providing the necessary support for the unique challenges of the glass industry.

At New Vehicle Solutions, our dedication to delivering bespoke vehicle conversions that precisely match your specifications sets us apart. We take pride in transforming standard commercial vehicles into specialised assets that optimise your business operations. Whether you require Luton vans, tippers, curtain side vans, temperature-controlled vehicles, or specialised glass carrying vans, our team is committed to crafting solutions that elevate your fleet’s efficiency and efficacy.

Contact New Vehicle Solutions today to discuss your unique requirements and explore how our bespoke conversions can revolutionise your commercial vehicle fleet. Experience the difference of custom-tailored solutions designed to drive your business forward.

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Page Last Updated: 17/11/2023
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