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What is AdBlue?

What is it?

AdBlue is a colourless liquid composed of 32.5% urea and 67.5% distilled water used in SCR (Selective catalytic reduction) systems of diesel cars.
AdBlue® circulates in a separate tank to that of the fuel, enabling the reduction of the impact on the environment of diesel vehicles by limiting the emission of nitrogen oxides produced by the combustion of fuel. The ammonia in the AdBlue® reacts with the NOx to produce water and nitrogen.

What is it for?

AdBlue is used by modern SCR (Selective catalytic reduction) systems as a way to help reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxides of your car or van.
Since 2005 European standards have aimed to reduce the emission of pollutants from diesel cars and vans by imposing limits for the emission of nitrogen oxides. The European standard Euro 6 in force since September 2014 has reinforced these limits in order to reduce the impact on the environment of pollution produced by diesel vehicles.
Most car and van manufacturers have since chosen to equip their vehicles with the SCR system, which is a technology of post combustion exhaust processing that converts the harmful molecules of nitrogen oxides in a catalyst and allows the reduction of the level of pollution of diesel cars and vans.

When will I have to fill the AdBlue tank?

It is necessary for your AdBlue tank to always be filled so that the SCR system functions correctly.
If your tank is completely empty, your vehicle will no longer start.
When your AdBlue signal flashes and beeps, you know that your vehicle will run out of AdBlue in a few hundred miles.
When you notice the alert you should do something about it. You should also remember that filling up with AdBlue will soon be just like filling up with diesel. From now to 2018, Vans and cars will need a tank of AdBlue for approximately every 4 or 5 tanks of diesel.

Where am I able to buy AdBlue?

AdBlue is now available from most fuel and service stations and can be provided by the main dealer network.

Who pays for the AdBlue?

AdBlue is treated in the same way as vehicle fuel, The costs to refill the tank would be the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle. (this would not covered in a vehicle maintenance contract).

Where is my AdBlue tank located ?

The access to the AdBlue tank in diesel vehicles can be found in three different places, depending on the model of the vehicle :

  • Access next to the Diesel fuel cap in the fuel tank cover
  • Access in the trunk
  • Access under the bonnet

Manufacturers tend to standardise the location of the access to the AdBlue tank so that it is next to the Diesel fuel cap.
Once you have found the position of your tank, it is now a case of filling it. (Please refer to vehicle handbook for filling instructions).

How much to put in the tank?

To find out the capacity of your AdBlue® tank, please refer to your vehicle handbook.

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Page Last Updated: 22/08/2023
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