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What is Vehicle Maintenance?

Most car and commercial vehicle Leasing and Contract Hire companies offer an additional maintenance contract, the cost of which can be added to the monthly rental payments for your vehicle.

This slight increase in cost to your monthly rental offer’s peace of mind and allows any business to budget the total running cost of the upkeep and maintenance of their vehicle fleet which adds to the reliability and would increase the final resale value.

While all new vehicles are covered by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty for the first three years, there are still additional costs that come with the upkeep of a vehicle.

The costs for Servicing and general ‘Wear and Tear’ for a vehicle can suddenly escalate and cause some financial heartache.

Adding a Vehicle Maintenance Contract can help to take away these issues and allow you to concentrate on your business.

Some of the many benefits of a ‘Maintenance Contract’ are detailed below:

What is Maintenance?

What’s Included?

  • All Manufacturer Scheduled Servicing:
    • *Fully Inclusive Servicing and Maintenance for you’re the duration of the vehicle contract. *All Parts & Labour
  • Mechanical and Electrical Repairs and Replacements:
    • Covering the replacement repair and fitting of all mechanical and electrical parts of your vehicle, from the duration of the contract: From the ‘Bulb’s to the Big Ends’.
  • Unlimited Premium Branded tyre replacements:
    • Covering the Replacement and Repair of you vehicles Tyres for the duration of the contract.
  • M.O.T Test and Costs:
    • If your vehicle is over 3 Years old during your Maintained Contract, The MOT tests during the contract and any costs incurred in the repair of the vehicle are also be covered.

What’s Not Included?

Any Repairs or Replacement Items that due to driver misuse or driver induced faults and damages.

Damage incurred due to poor or erratic driving behaviours or through the misuse or abuse of the vehicle will not covered.

  • Any Accident Damages or Vandalism

Any charges or Costs incurred through Accidental Damage and Vandalism of your vehicle would not be covered although your insurance should help here.

  • Incorrect Fuelling of Vehicle.

Putting the incorrect fuel into the vehicle, and any costs in the repair Mechanical damage caused by such an actions would not be covered.

  • Lubricant and Fluid ‘Top Up’s’ outside of Service Intervals.

Monitoring and ‘Top Up’s’ of all Fluid and Lubricant levels outside of the Manufacturer Service Intervals would not be covered.

  • Stolen Item/Part Replacements.

Any Charges or Costs incurred through the Replacement of Lost or Stolen Items/Parts would not be covered.

Additional Options If Required:

  • Comprehensive Roadside Assistance/Breakdown Cover
  • European Travel Breakdown Assistance
  • Replacement Vehicle Service

Financial Benefits to You and your Business:

  • Fixed Cost Motoring & Budgeting
  • No End Of Contract Recharges for Incomplete Vehicle Service History.

*VAT is Reclaimable  (On Vehicle Maintenance Rental Cost)

Should you have any questions in relation to Vehicle Maintenance then please do not hesitate to contact New Vehicle Solutions on 01656 654321.

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Page Last Updated: 17/10/2023
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